War, Patriotism and Christian Theology in Black And White

April 24, 2018

The war machine is returning to public view…

You know, it never went away. It just went virtual…drone strikes from remote locations right here in America.

But with our war-footing on the rise, we ought to reconsider our positions.

We like to live in grey area on war…

We want to have our patriotism and our Christianity…our love of Country and our love of God.

But can we hold the two in tension without abandoning one or the other?

It’s kinda profound what we uncover as we explore that question in black an white…

Or with Black and White lens…

War and Patriotism Shaped by Racial Experience

I mean…Fr. Cayce was a Marine! IS a Marine…

…I know brother: “once a Marine, always a Marine!”

And despite the legacy of military service in my family, I did not…would not…could not serve.

Do you care enough to understand why? And to consider how that “why” shapes my perspective?

How do we Reconcile Patriotism and Faith?

We want to know your perspective on the two. What do you do with the tension? And how do you keep your Christian identity from being corrupted by your American identity?

These are deep questions – if you let them be – so, come into the group to discuss!

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