Helping you, your leaders, and your community identify and address the effects of white supremacy in your system through growth, development, and change management. For individuals, staff, ministries, vestries, and groups.


Focused, tailored programming to help challenge and engage your community. For small groups, forums, day or weekend retreats, Lent/Advent series, and more.


Proclaiming the Gospel-justice of Jesus Christ, God’s love affair with all of God’s people, and the Holy Spirit active and able to change our world.


Addressing the needs of your community through the lens of racial justice at your conference, convention, or event through sharing my journey, exploring theology, providing actionable steps toward repentance, repair, and reconciliation.

Why hire me?

  1. Hire a Heretic! – Jesus’ radical love as justice has gotten me accused of heresy, no really.
  2. Bring systems-oriented, theologically rigorous, Gospel-centered, Biblically based, historically honest tools and insights to your work.
  3. Tools and strategies from parish, diocesan, Anglican Communion-wide work and from USMC, Business, Organizational Systems theory.
  4. More than a decade of experience in anti-racism, anti-white supremacy work
  5. Passion and desire – undoing white supremacy is my call
  6. I can say things you can’t or won’t
  7. White people hear me (differently)
  8. This is our (white people) work
  9. Racial Heresy is accountable to Black clergy partnership and oversight.

contact me

Schedule a (free) 30 minute consultation and exploration:

Email me at [email protected] – let me know what services you may be interested in and any context that will be helpful, and I’ll be in touch for a more in-depth conversation.