The Good Christian Virtues of White Supremacists…

April 10, 2018

Good Christian Virtues are hard to come by…especially these days. So, we have to hold on to the appearance of good.

Even to our own detriment…

Even if it means embracing trauma to oppress ourselves…

We have to uphold the (false) image of our good Christian virtues…of the good Christian virtues of American society.

I mean: that’s what makes us a great nation, right? That we’re good…and Christian?

So, we cannot allow anything to sully that image – especially not the truth!

A few weeks ago I (Fr. Jabriel) had a crazy experience. Well…in my mind it was crazy. I’ll tell you about it in this episode, and you can judge the experience for yourself…


It got me reflecting on how White supremacy infects and affects the human psyche at such a deep level that we’ll do incredibly strange things. Clearly, the effects of White supremacy are long-lasting. As Fr. Cayce said, it’s an artificial intelligence that’s supremely adaptive.

The exploration we share in this episode will present another point of contention with American Christianity. And in this Easter season, I think it’s critical to consider how we are going to walk in newness of life, as people of faith.

So what to do with the Good Christian Virtues of White Supremacists?

What do you think of the idea of celebrating White supremacy? Especially praising it in church…most especially when it’s done by non-Whites?

That’s the discussion for our Facebook group. Are you a member?

If not…click the banner and fill out the membership application.

This group is a safe space for transformative dialogue across color lines. We learn, we grow…

Resources for this Episode:

  1. Black Power: Our God-Given Call to Make America Great
  2. Founding Fathers and Slaveholders
  3. History of Steel Pan Music
  4. Rising Stars Youth Steel Orchestra

You can watch and listen to some of that sweet pan music, here…

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