Allies or Frenemies: The Twisted Power Cravings of White Liberals

May 8, 2018

White Liberals are often assumed to be allies to the struggle for equal rights and justice. They are supposed to be the friends of People of Color…the only ones we can trust.

But does that position ever become merely a badge of honor? And what are the signs that should let everyone know that a White Liberal might not be your ally?

I – the Black guy – Fr. Jabriel, encountered something intellectually interesting and practically disconcerting…

Intellectually interesting because I’m often amazed at how pride works. It truly is the mother of all vices.

And in the Western dynamic, pride is incredibly hard to escape.


That becomes even more confounded by race. And when White liberals are confronted by race…even if especially if #AccidentalRacism. (OMG That song was ridiculously lame and shortsighted…)




In this work of racial reconciliation, no one should expect anyone to get everything totally right, 100% of the time.

But we should be able to expect humility…


But White Power prevents White Liberals from being humble, when Black people are involved

…Or other People of Color, I’m sure…

And that reality leads some White liberals to do incredibly offensive things, like what we discuss in this episode.


I call it Nigger-Gate…


Check out our discussion and let me know what you think? How should this issue have been handled? How should it be handled? Do you think it will ultimately be handled in a way that brings about true healing…why or why not?

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If you want to test your fragility to see if you can read some of the systemic moves of Western Christianity to institutionalize racism & supremacy, read this.

Resources for this Episode:

  1. Ta-Nehisi Coates has an incredibly clear explanation for why white people shouldn’t use the n-word
  2. An Almost-Sermon on Starbucks, sanctuaries, conference room tables

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