Challenging White Supremacy in Christian Art

March 29, 2018

Challenging White supremacy is something we must do at all times and in many different ways.

The thing is – White supremacy is so prevalent that we are always presented with opportunities for challenging the power structure. #ThanksBeToGod

On the side, Fr. Cayce is a photographer…

If he were Black, I guess that’d be his “side hustle.” But as a White man, it’s just his hobby! LOL


As a bootleg (very good) photographer who’s a theologian, he stumbled across the gem presented in the featured picture of this post.

What are your first thoughts when you look at it?



Did you see the White folks standing around watching a lynching? No…?

Look again…


Some say I see race everywhere…

Well, it is everywhere – thanks to White supremacy. So if we want to not see race everywhere, we have to put in the work. Not just avert our eyes.

Hence our emphasis on challenging White supremacy

In this episode of Racial Heresy, we are sharing a first!

For the first time, Racial Heresy was recorded with a live audience…

We had the pleasure of being invited to Convergence Church to share in a series they were doing on race. The focus on art is of particular interest, especially with the discussions about what churches should be doing with Confederate stained glass windows and other racially charged artwork.

Now, we’re inviting you to join in the discussion on the images of White supremacy in Christian art.

Join our safe space for dialogue…

What do you think about the place and power of art to confront racism?


Here are some more of Fr. Cayce’s “hobby” work! LOL

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