White Too Long: De-White Christianizing America

February 25, 2021

Racial Heresy engages with Dr. Robert P. Jones, author of “White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity,” to explore beyond the damning statistics to the future of our faith, trying to find a way to extricate white supremacy from our faith.

Beyond Hope

White Christian America can, to paraphrase Jones, pass onto our children either the faith of our fathers or a salvific hope for the future but not both. Can white faith be saved? Can white people be saved? Perhaps not in the white church or by white faith. We have been white too long.

White supremacy is supported, maintained, and sustained by mainline Christian churches across the political, denomination, geographic, and racial spectrum. If you are white and Christian you are nearly twice as likely to hold racist views than non-Christian white Americans – TWICE as likely!

How, Then, Can We be Saved?

We had Moses and the prophets and we haven’t listened. We had MLK and Malcolm X and we haven’t listened. We had Ida B. Wells and Billie Holiday and we haven’t listened. Now we have quantitative sociological research to prove what generations of BIPOC have been saying since the church landed on this rock – white supremacy is our religion. Now, will we listen?

White Self-Interest or Prioritizing Black Life?

White people must accept that we are not in right relationship with God. We can’t be. We can’t love God whom we cannot see while hating our siblings, sisters, and brothers whom we can see. If we won’t stop our violence for the sake of Black Life, will we finally submit in humility to the Justice of Jesus Christ for the sake of our own souls?

Watch and find out.

Working toward Beloved Community.

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