We Need a Way Where there is No Way

July 17, 2020

We need a way to justice, equality, but when white people try to “DO” the right thing, we take over. When white people try to just “BE”, we hardly ever change enough to make a difference.

But maybe this time is different?

White people and white power are submitting to Black authority, right? We’re showing up at Black-lead protests and trying to do what BLM and others want us to do for Black people, right?

Except we still haven’t truly accepted that not only are Black lives at stake, but also that white salvation may be in peril as well. In the midst of our periodic empathy with Blackness, while we’ve been trying to understand Black experience, we haven’t stopped to examine how our own whiteness is keeping us and our communities from Beloved Community, from the Kingdom of God.

We need a way to humility.

Whiteness tells us that we always know something. Whiteness in our leadership, in our church, in our communities, in our politics and power structures, whiteness in our mythology and identity is keeping us from God. We need a fast from thinking we always know something useful to someone in every situation.

And our problems go even deeper than that…

We need a way to a new concept of God.

Our very concept of God is wrong….and if our concept of God is wrong then there is no way forward for us. We are so afraid to confront our faith, to examine White Jesus, to risk losing what we have in the hope of finding something more.

We need a way to confront our fears.

We need a way out of whiteness into abundant life in Christ.

Jesus can make a way where there is no way. We can count it all as loss – all that we have and all that we’ve build and all that we believe ourselves to be – and find faith in our fear. We can find faith that points to the one who is just, the one who is love, the one who can bind us all together in Beloved Community.

Working toward Beloved Community.

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