Raising Bertie and the Forgotten Forgotten Man & Woman in America

November 20, 2017

The “forgotten man and woman” in America isn’t just the typical Trump supporter. There’s also a forgotten, forgotten man and woman…rendered somewhat invisible as Ralph Ellison suggested. Yet if we find empathy for them, we find that our faith is shaped by the work and that our faith shapes the work of reconciliation. Raising Bertie as an example of this dynamic, we’ll learn how to create bridges of trust that make this work possible.

Bertie County, North Carolina, presents one of those interesting dynamics for exploration. With all of the issues facing rural America that contribute to the sentiments of feeling forgotten by the Nation, Bertie reminds us of those who remain forgotten – even in the midst of our newfound focus on rural life.

Why is this the case? And how do we enter into those spaces?

This is the focus of our conversation with filmmaker, Ian Kibbe. Raising Bertie is a documentary about three Black boys in Bertie County as they become men…using their lives as a lens for viewing the particular issues that face Black rural America.

Rural space isn’t regularly part of the discussion in American Society. Much less part of the discussion are the Black sections of rural America. Through our discussion with Ian, we dive into that dynamic and explore ways to engage deeper.

Ian share deeply – so deeply that we had to schedule a second part! There was so much more to explore and we know that you will benefit greatly from the discussion.

So we invite you to share in the discussion!

Join the Facebook group and enter a safe space for working out the issues that prevent us from creating Beloved Community.

Then share your thoughts: What would you like to hear more of in part two? How aware are you of the issues of Rural America and of Black Rural America? How do you respond to Ian’s questions for the Church?

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

  1. Raising Bertie (Documentary)
  2. Raising Bertie (Educational Materials)
  3. Vivian Sanders: Bertie County Hive House
  4. Ian Kibbe

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