Gifts Across the Color Line to Make the Word Flesh in Our Midsts

December 18, 2020

I never meant to do this episode, so I don’t have a prepared post or a well-worded blurb. Yes, the Spirt spoke (mostly to Fr. Jabriel and Pr. Jimmie), so I tried to catch up. I hope you’ll do better than me and listen.

It’s rare we let our white selves be in places where we are on the same footing as our Black and Brown siblings, sisters, and brothers. It’s even more rare to let our white selves be in places where we are the minority, subject to Black authority, and beholden to Black hospitality and welcome.

Yet that is where I found myself this morning, invited to be part of the Blacks with Power podcast. I was invited to talk live with Pastor Jimmie and Father Jabriel, to see what laughter and irreverent discussion about race and dynamics we could share across the color.

It was a gift. They are a gift. And we share that gift with you now! Merry Christmas.

Working toward Beloved Community.

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(portions of this post were, in the best traditions of whiteness, “borrowed” from a Black man who wrote them first and better: )

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