Excommunicating White Supremacy – Redeeming the Church

August 23, 2017

White supremacy has come out the shadows to reveal itself as a present force in America. If you thought this was a thing of the past, you know have proof otherwise. What should be the Church’s response to the White Supremacist violence we’ve seen? How does the Church become a force for good in these times? What do you want/need to see from the Church, in the face of racism?

In the wake of Charlottesville and the defenses of White Supremacy, we use this episode of Racial Heresy to consider a possible response from the church that is more than just platitudes.

We tried using BeLive.tv for this episode, but the quality of the service was spotty in the intro. So please bear with that piece…it gets better. But in the episode, we speak about the forgotten tool of excommunication and discuss how it might help us to create Beloved Community. But we want to know what you think!

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So what do you think…what are your questions about excommunication? And do you think it’s a tool we should become skilled at using in the face of White Supremacy…and other egregious sins? What do you think of the explanation on how excommunication is to be used?

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