Cn. Michael Hunn on Bishop Michael Curry & his Firsthand View of Racial Reconciliation

March 9, 2017

Michael Curry is the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church. Every Bishop has a Canon to the Ordinary…think Game of Thrones and the “Hand of the King.”

Michael Hunn has been representing Bishop Michael Curry for 10 years. He served Bp. Curry in the Diocese of North Carolina and continues to do so at the Church Center. And to be with Michael Curry for this long must mean that Michael Hunn is an equally compelling figure.

I became acquainted with Canon Hunn as Bishop Curry was beginning his transition to Presiding Bishop. Cn. Hunn and I continue to build relationship as I serve as a Member of Executive Council. Every time we have a conversation, one or the other of us – or both – finds ourselves saying: “We have to have a deeper conversation about that!”

This was the first of those “deeper conversations,” and I am excited to share it with you so you can also learn:

  1. how compelling Michael Hunn is as an individual
  2. why Michael Curry determined Cn. Hunn had to be by his side
  3. what this relationship has added to his perspective on & commitment to racial reconciliation

In the 2015 General Convention, the Episcopal Church has committed itself to racial reconciliation. Why should you embrace that? Why should you work with the Church on that? And how do you invite those who are not part of the choir to join in on this ministry of reconciliation?

All of this and more, we cover with Michael Hunn in this episode of Racial Heresy. What are your thoughts?

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